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SBA Objectives

The SBA was revived at a General Meeting held on 7th July 2020. A very well attended meeting unanimously welcomed the re-creation of the SBA as a voice for the businesses of Saba. A wealth of issues facing Saba’s business community were identified and discussed and a new Board was elected. Following a series of board meetings over a short period of time, the Board set out its objectives for the year ahead. They are:

1. To re-establish the SBA as the unified voice of the businesses of Saba.

2.To introduce the new SBA to the local and federal governments and establish them as the key private sector stakeholder in the future of the island and therefore an essential contributor to all decisions taken that effect the private sector.

3. To lobby local and federal government that the financial and social hardships being experienced on Saba as a result of the covid pandemic are completely different to those being experienced in the European Netherlands and therefore require different measures and different solutions in order to alleviate them.

4. To determine what measures are necessary to address the immediate financial and social hardships that are being faced by Saba’s business community, detail them and present them to our local and federal governments.

5. To raise at both federal and local level the downward spiral of travel infrastructure to and from Saba and the extent to which it has adversely affected Saba’s tourism in the past and, unless an improvement is achieved, how it will hamper the revival of a tourist market on Saba once we decide to open our borders once again.

6. To bring to the attention of both local and federal government the long-term issues that are standing in the way of our businesses’ ability to compete in the global marketplace such as: a bank monopoly that is too expensive and service deficient; an ineffective postal service; the lack of a Saban postcode / country identifier; the lack of international financial agreements that prevent a business registered in Saba providing on-line transaction payment methods; and the impossible requirements of the importation reporting and payment regulations.

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